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Does easyMarkets accept US clients?

CFDs are not available in the USA due to local regulation and regulated brokers do not accept US citizens or US residents as clients.

easyMarkets US Clients
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How to sign up to eToro step by step guide

Follow our simple 10 steps to sign up to eToro (step-by-step guide) and understand the eToro sign up questions.

Account eToro
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My MT4 is displaying an “Invalid Account” error

Retry logging into your MT4 account, it's possible you made a typo on your account number (username) or password.

MetaTrader 4
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Why do brokers use a VFSC license?

A VFSC license or "Vanuatu Financial Services Commission License" gives brokers access to uncapped leverage. In addition, brokers can act as an STP broker or a market maker. The VFSC allows PAM/MAMM accounts as well as money management services.

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What is the maximum leverage Eightcap offers?

Eightcap leverage starts at 100:1 and goes up to a maximum of 500:1.

How to turn off the beeping sound in Discord

Click on the little gear icon in user settings (lower left of the screen), click on Notifications on the left menu, scroll down and turn "Message" off. Done.

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Does GO Markets offer a demo account?

Yes, you can get a GO Markets demo account with $50,000 in virtual money to trade with, for free using GO Markets servers to test out their trading services.

GO Markets
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Can I use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) without a broker?

Can I use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) without a broker?

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Is Admiral Markets a good broker?

Admiral Markets is the well-reputed brokerage firm established in 2001.

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How much capital do I need to trade at Admiral Markets?

Capital relies upon the kind of account you want to open with Admiral Markets.

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