Does GO Markets offer a demo account?

Yes, GO Markets do offer a demo account that permits amateur traders to enter the universe of trading.

You can use their MetaTrader 4 demo account and begin trading indices, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies as CFDs in a training environment with $50,000 in virtual assets.


On the off chance that you've been thinking about jumping into the forex market and testing the service of GO Markets, the MT4 Demo will be a good start. The GO Markets live demo trading platform of MetaTrader utilises the same price feed as live MT4 accounts. Therefore, you'll encounter continuous spreads and quick execution, as you would in the live GO Markets trading environment.

This gives beginners the ideal chance to download and experience the genuine platform and begin trading, which will cost nothing.

GO Markets demo account features:

  • Free to open
  • $50,000 in virtual funds
  • Real-time spreads and charts
  • Over 80 technical analysis tools
  • 24/5 multilingual client support
  • Access to all types of accounts, platforms and products^

In addition, GO Markets have a full set-up of instructive material, including instructional video exercises, to enable you to understand what the basic aptitudes are to be when utilising MT4.

Like most of the other customers, you will quickly learn there are a few key abilities required when you launch the trading platform and start to trade, but also be aware, the psycology of trading "demo account funds" is vastly different to when trading on a live account.

^Share CFDs currently are not available on demo accounts

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